About C5T's Process Improvement Methods

What sets us apart is our unified approach to developing robust solutions for our clients that incorporate our past learnings. Work with C5T for the most cutting-edge and deeply researched solutions to your agency’s challenges.

How C5T Advances Knowledge

At C5T, we know that a government organization’s internal processes can require extreme in-depth knowledge of historical precedent, subject matter expertise, and rigorous quality control and regulation. While these forces help hold the military and government to high standards, they also make it difficult to introduce new ideas.

We know that updating processes will only work if the new processes are more effective and can be held to the same or higher standards. We ensure that this will take place through our Process Improvement Methods.

The C5T Process Difference

At C5T, we pride ourselves on understanding of our clients’ business and technological infrastructures, enabling us to offer advice, design, and implementation services and management. Our process ensures we are always operating from a place of technological expertise and client understanding. We use these steps within an agile methodology and continuously iterate on our progress until we create a solution.

Establish the Scope of the Problem

Because C5T does work in so many disciplines, we can make sure you have the right combination or pieces to solve your problem. After we read an RFP or discuss a challenge, we’ll present our opinion about the best way to address your challenges for a short-term and a long-term solution.

Document Current State and Needs

Solving a long-term problem– whether it’s in decision making, IT, logistics, or another discipline– requires precise knowledge of the inputs and outputs required for that decision. We’ll document how your data is structured, how decisions are made, and what all of your moving pieces are, so that our solution responds to your current work. We also interview your team thoroughly in order to capture their knowledge and needs. We can then establish the parameters and requirements for your unique solution.

Compare Past Experiences

We have worked on many organizational management, research, and process innovation projects. We’ll compare your challenge to past problems that we’ve encountered to identify roadblocks and ensure we can present the most efficient solution for you.

Create a New, Streamlined Process

Based on expert knowledge of process management, knowledge management, and software design, we’ll develop a new, streamlined solution for your government agency that unites your depth of knowledge with the best way of doing things.

Collaborate to Refine

We stress-test every solution to make sure that it’s working properly. We will work with your team to see if the solution will be used as we anticipate it to be, and if there are any additional needs that should be built into the solution. We ensure that any new solution will be able to respond to typical use cases and extreme outliers.

Test, Explain, and Deploy

When our new process for your team is finished, we’ll support you as you get it up and running. We help with testing, employee education, and software deployment. Even after your solution has launched, you will have C5T’s support.

Since our inception, C5T has grown into a leading small business provider of capabilities for the Department of Defense, Industry, and Commercial sectors!

C5T's Core Competencies

Our core areas of competency ensure a smooth, repeatable, and practical implementation that delivers refined capability specifically designed to delight the customer. All of our work within our core competencies is based on learnings derived from our R&D Process Innovation work. As we improve our knowledge, our services for you improve as well.

A laptop displaying analytics

Portfolio / Program Management (PfM, PgM)

Computer screen displaying systems administration & support

Analytics / Business Analysis

Woman teaching someone Lean 2 Sigma

Lean 2 Sigma (L2S)

Man mapping out a process with sticky notes

Organizational Change Management 

a project manager pointing to a laptop screen

Project Management    

background image of a man assisting another man with IT services

Knowledge / Info Management (KM)

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