C5T Improvement & Productivity Management

Employee productivity is increasingly important for company success as firms become more global and team members are more distributed. C5T delivers a blend of Improvement and Productivity Services to satisfy the rising collaboration needs of the modern-day workforce.

We specialize in helping your business to maximize productivity and profitability by offering specific advice and services at very competitive rates. Using a fraction of the money that would be required to pay an internal compliance manager, we construct and administer compliance solutions in-house.

The Importance of Improvement and Productivity Management

In quality improvement management, executives strive to build a culture of improvement. It is a collection of abilities that help people and teams become more productive. Using incentives, goals, development, and communication tactics by leaders can help employees and teams become more productive.

Effectively implemented improvement and productivity strategies require leaders who,

  • Have the time and willingness to offer guidance and help
  • Promote the sharing of information
  • Make sure every employee is aware of and in agreement with their objectives
  • Help employees broaden their experiences by encouraging them to explore ideas
  • Strengthen and develop team ties
  • Desire to establish a partnership between managers and employees

Our Unique Lean 2 Sigma (L2S) Approach

C5T recognizes the business impact of an effective workforce; thus, we provide our clients with the freedom to implement consumer-facing applications in the workplace. We are continually on the lookout for new technologies to integrate into day-to-day operations, so you and your employees always have an advantage. We collaborate with your team to establish productivity goals, create a plan, and implement the right solutions to fulfill your workplace demands using a customized approach.

At C5T, our suite of improvement and productivity management services encompasses every facet of daily working. With can help your teams be more effective by providing them with IT infrastructure, streamlined tools for real-time communication, device management, and remote desktop and workgroup capabilities.

Most companies use Lean Six Sigma (LSS) methodology, whereas C5T uses a Lean Two Sigma approach to improve business processes by utilizing statistical analysis rather than guesswork. Our proven streamlined approach has been implemented within many organizations to achieve efficiencies and savings while increasing customer satisfaction. We get you a practical answer in minimum time that you can implement–we provide a tailored/integrated approach using many tools from LSS, PMP, Change Management and Knowledge/Info Management.

Because of our specialization in adopting Agile and working with IT professionals and government departments, our project managers are essential to keeping our clients’ projects moving on schedule.

Once our products are thoroughly integrated, we continually advance our standards in the pursuit of improving productivity. Additional training and assistance are provided, so your employees have a thorough understanding of current workplace solutions and make full use of every aspect to produce excellent results.

Round-the-Clock Availability and Support

C5T will fit our service to your organization’s needs. To ensure that our staff delivers on our customers’ expectations, we can be available 24/7 based on project and stakeholder needs..

A Partner You Can Trust

You can trust that you’ll get everything from one firm dedicated to adding value, allowing you to manage your business without having to worry about what else is being supplied.

C5T Improvement & Productivity Team

C5T employs a team of Improvement & Productivity Experts that use proven techniques to support every individual on the contract. We set each contract up for success by asking:

  • How are processes being utilized?
  • How are they supporting decisions?
  • How are they supporting governance?
  • Are people trained on how to use them?

C5T then facilitates each of the following tasks into our IPM strategy:

  • Take all goals and obstacles into consideration while choosing measurements of productivity.
  • Remain open about the things we are assessing and work with you to help your employees improve their performance.
  • Help you discover ways to encourage your team so that they can flourish as knowledge experts.

Why C5T?

As experts in productivity management with backgrounds in project management and organizational change research, we know what it takes to power corporate success: contemporary workplace infrastructure and solutions that efficiently integrate day-to-day technology, so employees can produce value in all they do. 

C5T has over 15 years of experience in helping organizations, from the federal government to corporate entities, analyze and improve their productivity. Through our Improvement & Productivity Management Services, we give clients the power to incorporate current workplace solutions into their office environments to optimize productivity and efficiency.

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