Knowledge Management Services

Throughout the years, C5T has seen agency landscapes evolve. When it comes to performance management, leaders face further pressure to reorganize, consolidate, and transform.

C5T’s Knowledge Management Strategy anticipates future knowledge demands while maximizing present institutional and individual knowledge. C5T’s KM team leverages cutting-edge data science and AI tools, which enables us to revolutionize current operations while paving the way for future innovation.

Knowledge Management

A properly implemented Knowledge Management Strategy helps to maintain continuity in operations while enabling greater flexibility in resourcing new and existing programs.

An effective Knowledge Management Strategy ensures that employees have access to current, secure, and easily available information. To determine training needs, data must be integrated, and knowledge gaps found. By decreasing knowledge gaps, establishing quick dissemination channels, and replicating best practices across the business, knowledge management methods can help your organization do more with less.

Our knowledge management stays current by offering learning programs to help address training demands in line with new technology and growing agency goals.

Our Knowledge Management Process and Competencies

At C5T, we have four lines of effort for our knowledge management dimension.

Knowledge Management Decision Support

Assisting in making decisions by reviewing facts and data and collecting data which may be used in this regard. C5T ensures the organization’s critical decision-making knowledge is available to the right people, at the right time, and in the right context. Using our proven KM methods, the organization’s information exchange requirements are identified, enabled by established processes, and properly shared for all to use. This LOE enables staff synchronization, situational awareness (SA), and collaboration by enhancing the flow of information across the entire enterprise. 

Knowledge and Process Management

Investigating all aspects of all processes, including their performance and interrelationships. Our strategic set of mission-essential and supporting activities is used to plan, monitor, and enhance organizational knowledge management capability. These activities and processes are critical to transforming people’s tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge for the benefit of the organization

Governance and Knowledge Management

Making sure that the strategies of the organization and contracts have been comprehensively defined and suitably aligned. C5T will help you establish the guiding principles and structure used to assure effective use of resources for the organization’s knowledge management dimension. This foundation provides the knowledge management organization structure, clearly defining the roles, responsibilities, relationships, and authorities for those charged with knowledge management implementation and sustainment. 

Culture & Knowledge Management

Providing opportunities for the people to do the right thing and encouraging and supporting a culture of learning. Our knowledge management philosophy addresses the capability and innovation across an organization that empowers knowledge management processes and structure. C5T will help you focus on three areas: development of formal and informal knowledge management training, targeted communication used to inform and empower sustainment of knowledge management efforts, and innovation used to foster creativity and knowledge sharing.

Why Choose C5T for Knowledge Management Solutions?

What sets us apart as industry leaders in knowledge solutions is that our processes were developed and refined based on action research with government customers. With knowledge management, our team deals with a wide variety of challenges – whether that’s dragging knowledge out of people’s heads, working with the multitude of collaborative environments, or establishing communication processes where few existed, we have the experience and methods to ensure knowledge management works. 

We are knowledge management and process management experts. We provide a unique contract standup support methodology ensuring new teams are successful and optimized from the start. We empower our employees and contract partners to immediately optimize their efforts for contract requirement delivery. We plan and will work those who will perform the work to ensure they are effective and efficient from the start.

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