IT Help Desk Support Services

No matter where you work, your IT help desk is critical to your organization’s success. Help desk support provides quick answers to IT problems that help keep your organization up and running. C5T provides on and off-site help desk support for federal government agencies, commercial businesses, and government contractors that helps teams to always be operational. Our qualified IT support staff will be there to assist you while functioning as an integral part of your team.

Specialized technology experts available on-site to help government agencies

C5T is dedicated to making sure our clients receive the very best possible personnel for the project at hand. We follow a strict application and retention policy. We have been successful in helping entities, such as the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Environmental Protection Agency, Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Army, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Air Force, and the Department of Defense in attaining their IT goals.

C5T Technologies

To better serve its customers, C5T uses technologies that include:

Onsite/offsite IT Assistance (Tier 2 and 3) and Patch Management

The C5T Help Desk Team provides Tier 2 and 3 support people capable of handling the most challenging or advanced problems. System engineers are required to support complicated hardware and software.

Management and Administration of Local Area Networks (LAN)

C5T controls the physical and logical network configurations of servers, routers, switches, and other network-level devices. We aim to keep up with the newest security and technological developments to keep our systems current and plan for future expansion.

Creating, Maintaining, and Managing Databases

C5T has designed and built databases in MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere, and Microsoft Access. Our maintenance approach includes creating and testing backup and recovery plans, checking system logs for faults, and managing objects and security. We constantly check and tune the database to ensure optimal performance.

Data Migration Services

C5T has vast data migration experience. We determine the optimum data migration method for each situation, whether it be a commercial product, built-in database utilities, or custom scripts. When migrating data, all objects, keys, and indexes are validated. Any application that uses the data source is fully regression tested to ensure compatibility and syntax.

Meet the ISO 9001 Requirements

We certify all our workers in ISO standards.

Best-In-Class SLA

Your service-level agreement (SLA) accurately depicts the trust you can have in C5T. We’re dedicated to ensuring your mission-critical data stays protected. As such, expect a clear, useful, and comprehensive SLA that makes your work easier.

C5T has an excellent track record in project management, and we dedicate our qualified helpdesk service providers to responding quickly and efficiently to all service requests.

ISO Certified IT Experts

C5T hold an International Organization for Standards (ISO) certification for IT Service Management, showing our ability to provide this important service to our government clients.

C5T IT Help Desk Experience

C5T’s current and recent IT support service experience includes:

  • C5T is a subcontractor on ECS GATES team, providing Agile software development and level 2 and 3 help desk assistance for operations and maintenance.
  • C5T Corporation is a key GDIT LOGNET subcontractor, covering technical and subject matter expertise support for Logistics eTools, G081 PMO, A4 personnel, programming, training, and program management.
  • We also work with DISA-OKC, the Department of Transportation's Volpe Center, and other organizations as needed to manage project details.

Quality IT Support Solutions

C5T is very proactive about project and process management, and we aim to provide excellent work that benefits our clients. We can tailor our IT and administrative support services to meet your specific needs.


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